Don’t Forget To Call Me When You Arrive

How many times have you asked your aging parents, partner, your children, your friend or even your workmate, please don’t forget to call me when you arrive?

But what if they didn’t call you?  Would you remember to call them at the exact time you knew to expect their call, what if hours had gone by or even worse you wake in the middle of the night and have that frightful thought that you hadn’t heard from them.

I think we all can relate to the above scenario.  Long distance drives, (we all know the risks associated with driving) or just the assurance that once they have left their flight they made it safely to their home or accommodation.

Unfortunately, the need to know that those we care for are safe, is more important than ever before and extends beyond just checking that someone arrived safely from a trip.  Worldly tragic events are escalating in a way never seen before.  Social media is impacting on all our lives and opening gateways for criminals to access information.  And this is happening locally, domestically and globally.

But this is not a blog about bad things happen.  This is about giving you a solution that allows those we care about the ability to safely move around independently knowing that they are safely connected to you or others.

We are very excited to launch our JESI looking out for Family and Friends.

Over the years, we have often been asked if JESI could be used for personal circumstances and now you can with our latest JESI release.

When we launched JESI, our ultimate ambitious goal was that JESI would be available for ANYONE that travels or for anyone generally needed to feel safely connected.  Whether they are flying, driving, boating, on a train, in a bus – it doesn’t matter what transport or what the location is – JESI will give you peace of mind that those you care about are safe.

This could include:

And a bunch more – if you need to ask the question, please remember to call me when you arrive – then JESI is a solution for you.

Sign up today and receive a 90 day free trial.


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