Handheld GPS Devices and how they improve worker safety!

You’re driving along and smoke starts to pour out of your vehicle. You haven’t seen another car for 2 hours. You check your phone…no service to contact anyone. What do you do next??

Breakdowns can happen at the most inopportune time. This is especially true for our JESI users. For them, they often drive through remote locations with little to no mobile connectivity.

It has been reported that 65% of fatal crashes in Australia happen in rural and remote roads. Non-fatal incidents occur nearly twice that of those in major cities.

So what can we do about this?

Research in accident analysis and prevention has indicated that even a 10-minute reduction in emergency response time would decrease likelihood of fatality by 33%.

Crash notification systems are an effective measure to reduce incident response times. This is why JESI has integrated with IVMS and Handheld GPS Devices. These solutions keep you connected with your workforce, even throughout mobile blackspots.

How does the GPS Devices integration improve worker visibility?

GPS location devices (for example Garmin & Spot) are a tried-and-tested technology that go far beyond dots on a map. The devices feed critical data and alerts into the JESI application. This provides a complete picture of worker visibility – no matter where they are.

Some companies may wish to use GPS devices to keep track of their fleets and other assets. This can help to lower operational costs or address issues with asset theft. At JESI, our integration focuses on keeping the person driving safe by increasing visibility and improving escalation processes.

JESI integrates with Spot and Garmin Inreach; Mini, Explorer and SE. This allows you to Check-In during your journey without mobile coverage. As consistent with our current processes, if a Check-In is missed, an escalation is triggered, and management are alerted.

GPS device integration process map

An additional safety benefit of these devices is their Duress/SOS buttons. Rather than waiting for a Check-In to be missed, management can be notified of an incident or emergency by pressing this button. Your escalation process can be triggered immediately and from anywhere.

To highlight the scarcity of mobile coverage in Australia we have created interactive blackspot map - click here.

JESI's integration with Handheld GPS devices significantly improve worker visibility and connectivity. This gives management the peace of mind that their workforce is safe and accounted for. Find out more here!


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