Affordable Journey Management – It doesn’t have to be expensive

Running a successful business isn’t cheap!  There’s lots to think about and chances are one of your biggest costs is managing Occupational Health and Safety in the work place.

Let’s talk facts for a minute; according to The Economist: Corporate Network’s survey, labour costs are the biggest concern for businesses.  “Almost 40% of companies cite this issue as having a negative impact on profit margins”.  So how can you manage your business’ Occupational Health and Safety requirements, without hiring more staff? Introducing JESI – Journey’s, events, safety, innovation.

JESI is an affordable proactive journey management software solution for remote and isolated workers. JESI automates an alert to emergency contacts when a traveller does not reach their destination.  Our software can help businesses comply with their Occupational Health and Safety requirements and manage fatigue. You can increase productivity and efficiency and save your business time and money and eliminate the need to employ additional staff or pay expensive overtime rates to track those employees travelling for work.

The Occupational Health and Safety code of practice states that ‘a person conducting a business or undertaking must manage the risks associated with remote or isolated work, including ensuring effective communication with the worker carrying out remote or isolated work.’ Sounds easy enough, right?

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With the current political climate and recent changes to legislation around Occupational Health and Safety, now is a perfect time for you to look at ways to comply with regulation while keeping labour costs down.  The Royal Australian Club (RAC) released a statement earlier this year with staggering statistics showing that “184 fatalities were recorded from 1 January to 31 December 2014” in Western Australia.  A large percentage of these deaths were on regional roads.  “Western Australia’s fatality rate equates to approximately 7.1 deaths per 100,000 persons.” The national average isn’t far behind with other states sitting at around 5 deaths per 100,000.



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