Solving Tomorrow’s Travel Safety Issues Today

One cannot disregard the necessity of business travel for managers and other employees to stay connected with international industry-related events or meet new clients and attend exhibitions within the city. However, travel safety needs to be a huge focus due to the number of risks business travelers face. Mobile workforce management proves to be an insurmountable challenge to handle.

Risks associated with psychological illnesses to serious injuries are very common. Remote and lone workers come across significant health and safety risks.  Unfortunately with the rise in additional risks such as gun violence, domestic abuse, spread of infectious diseases, and significant personal medical issues other medical problems our employees and contractors are more than ever often exposed during their normal work days.  Let alone when they travel.

In Australia, every company and employer is required to comply with Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and Regulations, these health and safety standards are to ensure sufficient care and safety to their employees.

Meeting these duties is not as challenging as one assume. Technology is allowing many companies operating in the construction and mining industries to implement safer work practices. Employers need to invest in new innovative technologies that are incredibly easy to deploy and deliver high quality solutions to their problems.

Journey management systems, such as JESI, is one example of how companies can solve their mobile workforce’s travel safety issues.

Travel safety Risks

Before we understand how JESI helps companies conform to high worker health and safety standards, it is imperative that we first know the many types of travel safety risks. These include the following:

A lack of access to other people

Managers, executives, and workers that travel alone face the greatest risk of having no one to report to or find help. In cases of kidnapping, theft, and vandalism, lone workers are left without any sufficient help due to lack of witnesses and difficulty in reporting the crime. This problem is greater for women, who are more likely to become victims of abuse and harassment.

Political chaos

Business travelers also face tremendous safety risks when travelling to countries or destinations where violent protests are rampant. In such situations, looting and civil unrest is rife and can be very difficult for lone workers to protect their belongings. Locating the whereabouts of employees in such cases becomes a big challenge.

Natural disasters and Poor weather conditions

Another travel risk that is increasingly becoming a problem for travelers is natural disasters and bad weather conditions. The possibility of tornadoes, floods, earthquakes poses a significant health and safety risk to business travelers. In addition, poor weather, such as heavy snow can cause substantial amount of flight delays and traffic jams.

How JESI counters travel risks?

The journey management system is driven by the values of sharing and being responsive. It enables automated notifications to be sent and received by the traveller and managers are only ever alerted whenever a traveller misses a check-in.

In instances where a worker may get caught up in a crisis or incapacitated  the automated messages will be sent regardless, helping employers be up-to-date and informed. More importantly, the software provides alerts on a 24/7 real-time basis and is extremely easy to use.

The system is also customizable, which means that companies can always configure JESI to suit their specific business travel needs.

If you would like to know how JESI can align with your company safety goals, be sure to contact us.


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