The Latest Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is seeing a major rise in the adoption of information technology in order to drive efficiency and improve health outcomes. Digitising systems ensure that data is easily accessible and processes are followed.

The other aspect where the health sector is transitioning into the digital age is safety. On a global scale, the increase in incidents, violence and general personal safety concerns when providing services in homes or out in the community, is a significant challenge for organisations to manage.

An additional challenge for organisations is how rapidly the size of their workforce is growing. A 2015 Deloitte report cites that global healthcare revenues are expected to exceed $21 billion by 2018. Resulting in a larger workforce to keep up with the demands of patients.

The digital revolution in healthcare is already underway, and firms seeking out efficient IT systems will gain a competitive advantage.

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Transforming Safety in Healthcare

Currently, organisations with a mobile workforce i.e. those who travel to rural and remote areas to deliver healthcare services, or deliver services in homes, are not monitoring the safety of their teams. If your team member didn’t arrive at their next appointment, would you know? If they didn’t return to the office, would you assume they were attending another appointment? What if they were incapacitated and you didn’t know about it?

Utilising a software system that alerts management to incidents is essential. Software such as JESI can be used anywhere, anytime on any device. Allowing managers to receive instant alerts that their team member may be at risk. Transitioning to digital technologies ensures that managers can effectively manage their mobile workforce by receiving and responding to alerts even when out of the office.

Protecting your team is essential, particularly when they are moving between appointments or entering high-risk environments.

We've created a 30 second risk assessment for lone workers. The questions have been tailored to health care professionals that undertake home visits. Check it out:

Transforming Lengthy Paperwork into Quick Activities

Healthcare organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of providing their team with more efficient ways to work. Cumbersome tasks and high levels of paperwork are either ignored, half completed or filed away never to be looked at again. Generally, when employees travel they complete paperwork outlining the travel details of their journey.

JESI eliminates the need for paperwork. Details of journeys are captured within JESI, ensuring management have quick access to information.  On the other hand admin staff no longer need to shift paperwork around the office and storage space is no longer required.

Organisations are transitioning towards systematic digital processes as this ensures consistency across departments and teams. Digital technologies such as JESI streamlines the entire journey management process and most importantly alerts management to incidents. Incident and journey details are logged in JESI, ensuring organisations have quick access to data providing an effective tool for auditing and compliance purposes. The question is, can you afford non-compliance?

The safety of healthcare professionals is paramount and JESI’s digital technology can help protect your team anywhere in the world, including rural and remote areas.

Watch how to transform safety in your organisation. It’s not as hard as you think!


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